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Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 02 May 2022

What were the 1980s like?

The 1980s were the era of fluoro and bad hair and I loved it. On the off chance that you love the 80s, you should arrange an eighties party so you can nostalgically dress in a portion of the cool 80s designs. Whatever reason you have for wanting to dress up in cool, retro fashion I promise to give you lots of cool costume ideas to choose from.

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1980s Costume Ideas

Goth Look

The Goth subculture was brought into the world during the 80s which is the reason the Gothic look related with this decade is frequently alluded to as Traditional Goth (or 80s Goth). To recreate this look you would need a black-haired wig with a punk or rock look. For your makeup heavy black eyeliner, black eye shadow, pale skin and the choice of bright red or black lipstick. Don’t forget the black nail polish. For your costume wear a long black skirt, you can use a black maxi skirt which would look really good. What would be even better is if you could find a black 80s petticoat skirt, these skirts had a ragged looking edge to them which was just perfect. For your top wear an over-sized black t-shirt and finish off with a leather jacket if you have one. As for your shoes Doc Martens are a classic 80s Goth boot.

Pac Man

I love Pac Man it truly is a notable 80s computer game which makes it wonderful as an outfit thought. There are a lot of Pac Man costumes available online or you could do it yourself by wearing a short red dress and attach some like big eyes on it.

The 1980s were the period of fluoro and terrible hair and I cherished it. If you love the 80s, you ought to orchestrate an eighties party so you can nostalgically dress in a piece of the cool 80s plans. Anything reason you have for needing to spruce up in cool, retro style I vow to give you loads of cool outfit thoughts to browse.

Famous People of the 1980s to Dress Up As

  1. Madonna
  2. Michael Jackson
  3. George Michael
  4. Tom Cruise
  5. Martina Navratilova
  6. Diana, Princess of Wales
  7. Vivian Richards
  8. Richard Gere
  9. Boris Becker
  10. Linda Lusardi 
  11. David Bowie 
  12. Tina Turner 
  13. Christopher Reeve 
  14. Prince 
  15. Clint Eastwood
  16. Whitney Houston
  17. Imran Khan
  18. Wendy James 
  19. Michael Jordan
  20. Steven Spielberg
  21. Ridley Scott
  22. Ron Howard
  23. Boy George
  24. Sylvester Stallone
  25. Cyndi Lauper
  26. Eddie Murphy
  27. Mike Tyson
  28. Bill Murray
  29. Christopher Lloyd
  30. Jon Bon Jovi
  31. Carl Lewis 
  32. Walter Hill 
  33. Margaret Thatcher
  34. Steve Martin
  35. Demi Moore
  36. Samantha Fox
  37. Nigel Mansell 
  38. Holly Johnson 
  39. Steffi Graf 
  40. Ronald Reagan 
  41. Janet Ellis 
  42. Phillipa Forrester
  43. Larry Bird 
  44. Tom Bailey
  45. Lea Thompson
  46. Jerry Hall
  47. Joan Collins
  48. Winona Ryder
  49. Christina Applegate
  50. Alyssa Milano
  51. Molly Ringwald
  52. Ally Sheedy
  53. Debbie Harry
  54. Olivia Newton-John
  55. Elton John
  56. Michael J. Fox
  57. Axl Rose
  58. Emilio Estevez
  59. Ralph Macchio
  60. Rob Lowe
  61. Jennifer Grey
  62. Mickey Rourke
  63. John Cusack
  64. Matthew Broderick
  65. Justine Bateman
  66. Lisa Bonet
  67. John Hughes
  68. George Michael
  69. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  70. William "Bill" Cosby
  71. Brooke Shields
  72. Harrison Ford
  73. Hulk Hogan
  74. Earvin Johnson
  75. Mel Gibson

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