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Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 22 December 2023

Ashburton — whatever it takes!

Ashvegas is home! This gem has a combination of a super combination of city fun and rural friendliness. The town has amazing fiestas (from The Multi Cultural Bite to Ashburton's annual A&P Show to Boulevard Day) all which will give you a chance to throw a murder mystery party. Do whatever it takes to keep your friends happy!

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    • Does everyone get a character? Sure do. You get a character badge and in most games each character gets a small backstory.
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Are you ready?

Get ready for a night full of wild guesses and whodunit fun. Here you are allowed to dress up and pretend to be someone else in an alternate world for a few hours. Sounds pretty good right about now, doesn’t it?

Why a mystery dinner in Ashburton would be ideal.

Why don’t you try something different this time round and host or attend a mystery dinner party! This kind of party will attract people who love a good mystery. You and your guests will be placed in a fictitious murder scene where you support the detective to find shreds of evidence and clues. The truth will only be unveiled once all the pieces of evidence are combined. We guarantee you that your guests will have a wonderful time and will ask to be invited again! See the games below and find out who will be the best detective in the island!

I can see you have a Dinner Edition and a Premium Edition murder mystery game. Which should I get?

Premium Edition games are for events having between 2 to 120 guests. This could be your next team building, fundraiser, staff party – basically for any large event that you want to be amazing. The Dinner Edition is for party that can be hosted even on those lazy evenings on the weekends. You and your 8 friends can play these games over dinner in a relaxed casual manner. It easy to host and you do not need a professional to oversee the events of the game.

How do I choose a theme?

Role-playing characters from a different time period, background or geographical location is one of the most exciting elements of hosting a mystery party. Think of what your guests would enjoy and create that world for them. If they are sport lovers, you can get our NFL Assassination and use it for your team building event. Or, if they are into fashion, you can order our Hollywood Scandal which is by far our most popular murder mystery theme. If you want to continue researching possible themes, check out our selection above.

Can I host murder mystery dinner near me in Ashburton?

This territory has a vibrant outdoor life and urban spirit. You can choose to host your murder mystery dinner in any of the resorts and country clubs or on the beach or at home! Regardless of the location, make this a fun-filled evening where everyone feels comfortable.

How should I decorate for a murder mystery dinner party?

Depending on the theme, think simple but classy. You do not want the décor to detract from the costumes that your guests will don.

Will my guests enjoy being dinner detectives?

They definitely will! We have run these games for 30 years and people LO.V.E. them. These interactive games that unfold over the course of dinner and drinks are a fun alternative to idle chit chat and other table games.

Is this a murder mystery dinner show?

It would have been if you were coming to watch others play. But you have a part – either as a host or guest. You may be asked to be the detective, a victim, a character in the plot or….. the MURDERER! You all work together to solve the crime.

What is your best murder mystery dinner recipe idea?

Chamorro Shrimp Patties with Peppery vinegar would make a great appetizer or a delicious and fun-to-eat main dish as well. You can however choose to make dishes that go back in time for centuries if hosting, say a 1920’s theme. For this kind of theme you can do hamburgers, chicken wings, mashed potatoes or milkshakes. Remember we are trying to place your characters into the environment you want them to be in the whole evening.

Can you have a murder mystery dinner for kids?

Yes you can. We have games toned down for kids and older teens. They however need to be confident readers and understand the flow of the events. Alternatively, they can play clues while the adults play an interactive game.

What happens if there are more guests ?

Not to worry! Our games are designed to allow a range of numbers, e.g. 2 to 60. This way they are very flexible and so if people can't make it or you have extra people on the night it is very easy for them to join in.

Ashvegas is home! This jewel has a blend of a super mix of city fun and provincial neighbourliness. The town has astounding celebrations (from The Multi Cultural Bite to Ashburton's yearly A&P Show to Boulevard Day) all which will allow you an opportunity to set up a homicide secret party. Take the necessary steps to keep your companions blissful!

Ashvegas, now is the time! Get your game and see who's on the hit list!

Unlocking the Enigma: GoZone's Murder Mystery Themes – Transforming Ashburton, Canterbury Events

In the heart of Canterbury lies a town with a rich history, charming landscapes, and a community eager for unique experiences. Welcome to Ashburton, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary with GoZone's Murder Mystery Party themes. In this exploration, we delve into why Ashburton, Canterbury, should choose GoZone to elevate its events, leaving a lasting imprint on the town's social fabric.

The Charms of Ashburton

Nestled in the scenic Canterbury region, Ashburton boasts a unique blend of history and contemporary living. From its establishment in 1857 to the present day, Ashburton has evolved into a vibrant town, drawing strength from its agricultural roots, artistic spirit, and the picturesque Ashburton River flowing through its heart.

As the town continues to grow, so does the demand for distinctive and engaging experiences. GoZone recognizes Ashburton's potential as a hub for creativity and celebration, offering Murder Mystery Party themes that seamlessly blend with the town's allure.

GoZone's Unique Offerings

At the core of GoZone's appeal lies our commitment to providing unparalleled Murder Mystery Party experiences. We offer meticulously crafted themes that transport participants into captivating storylines, making each event an immersive journey into the unexpected. Our themes go beyond entertainment; they become shared adventures that enhance the social fabric of the community.

With a vast array of Murder Mystery themes, GoZone caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether it's a classic whodunit, a historical escapade, or a modern thriller, our themes are designed to captivate participants and create lasting memories. By bringing these experiences to Ashburton, GoZone aims to inject an extra dose of excitement into the town's social calendar.

Tailored Experiences for Ashburton's Diverse Events

Ashburton hosts a variety of events, from family celebrations to corporate gatherings. GoZone understands the importance of tailoring Murder Mystery Parties to suit the unique needs of each occasion. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients to weave the chosen theme seamlessly into the fabric of the event.

For families celebrating milestones, our Murder Mystery Parties become the highlight of birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions. For businesses in Ashburton seeking innovative team-building activities, GoZone's themes provide a dynamic and engaging experience that fosters collaboration and creativity.

Enhancing Ashburton's Venues

As Ashburton's popularity as an event destination grows, so does the need for unique and captivating venues. GoZone collaborates with the town's existing venues, ensuring that Murder Mystery Parties seamlessly integrate into the local landscape. From historic landmarks to contemporary event spaces, our themes are adaptable, creating an immersive atmosphere that enhances the charm of Ashburton's venues.

Imagine a Murder Mystery set against the backdrop of Ashburton's historic railway station or within the artistic ambiance of the Ashburton Art Gallery. GoZone transforms these venues into stages for unforgettable adventures, making every Murder Mystery Party a unique exploration of Ashburton's spaces.

Infusing Local Flavor into Themes

One of GoZone's strengths lies in its ability to customize Murder Mystery Party themes to reflect the unique characteristics of each location. For Ashburton, this means infusing local flavor into our storylines, characters, and settings. The history of Ashburton, its landmarks, and even its residents can become integral parts of the Murder Mystery narrative, creating a truly personalized and immersive experience.

Participants will find themselves solving mysteries intertwined with the town's heritage, forging a deeper connection to Ashburton's stories and traditions. GoZone's commitment to incorporating local elements ensures that each Murder Mystery Party becomes a celebration of Ashburton's identity.

Weaving Fun Facts into the Narrative

To make the Murder Mystery experience even more compelling, GoZone seamlessly weaves Ashburton's fun facts into the narrative. Imagine solving a mystery that unfolds through the town's historical milestones, landmarks, and notable events. Participants not only enjoy the thrill of the investigation but also gain a newfound appreciation for Ashburton's unique character.

From the Ashburton Aviation Museum showcasing the town's aviation history to the captivating scenery along the Ashburton River, each fun fact becomes a clue, adding layers of intrigue to the Murder Mystery Party experience.

Community Engagement and Social Impact

GoZone doesn't just aim to provide entertainment; we strive to create meaningful and memorable experiences that resonate with the community. By bringing Murder Mystery Parties to Ashburton, we contribute to the town's social tapestry, fostering connections and shared stories.

The interactive nature of our Murder Mystery events encourages collaboration, communication, and teamwork among participants. Whether it's families bonding over a celebration or colleagues unraveling a mystery together, GoZone's Murder Mystery Parties become catalysts for shared experiences and lasting connections within Ashburton.

Transparent and Flexible Packages

Understanding the importance of budget considerations, GoZone offers transparent and flexible packages to cater to Ashburton's diverse needs. Our commitment to clear pricing ensures that clients can plan their events with confidence, knowing that the experience will be not only extraordinary but also within their budget constraints.

From intimate family gatherings to large-scale corporate events, GoZone adapts its packages to suit the unique requirements of Ashburton's clientele. The flexibility ensures that everyone in the community can access and enjoy the thrill of a GoZone Murder Mystery Party.

Client Testimonials and Success Stories

To showcase the impact of GoZone's Murder Mystery Parties, we proudly present client testimonials and success stories from other locations. Hear from satisfied customers who experienced the magic of GoZone, attesting to the professionalism, creativity, and excitement that our Murder Mystery themes bring to events.

These testimonials serve as a testament to GoZone's commitment to excellence, assuring the people of Ashburton that they are in capable hands when they choose to host a Murder Mystery Party with us.

Seamless Booking Process

Planning an event should be an enjoyable experience, and GoZone ensures just that with a seamless booking process. Our user-friendly website allows clients to explore Murder Mystery themes, review packages, and contact our dedicated team to discuss their specific event requirements.

The intuitive booking process ensures that every detail, from theme selection to venue considerations, is taken into account. GoZone's experienced event coordinators guide clients through the steps, providing support and expertise to make the planning process stress-free.


GoZone invites Ashburton, Canterbury, to embark on a thrilling journey filled with mystery, excitement, and unforgettable moments. Our Murder Mystery Party themes are designed to not only entertain but also enhance the social fabric of the community, creating lasting memories for families, friends, and colleagues alike.

Choose GoZone to unlock the enigma that lies within Ashburton's events. From tailored experiences and venue enhancements to weaving local flavor and fun facts into the narrative, GoZone transforms ordinary gatherings into extraordinary adventures.

Book your GoZone Murder Mystery Party today and immerse yourself in a world of suspense, collaboration, and celebration. Together, let's unravel the mysteries that Ashburton holds and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Art, History, and Thrills Collide!!

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