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Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 25 December 2023

Taranaki combines great outdoor adventure opportunities with an active arts and cultural scene. Beyond these, the region hosts amazing events - including a number of garden festivals and major sporting events that keeps the locals well entertained. Our contribution to Hawera? Our amazing murder mystery games!

Why should I choose you to be our supplier for the Murder Mystery Dinner party in Hāwera?

We have a great range of murder mystery kits to suit all types of parties. From a dinner party where the guests need to use their sense of deductive deduction, to a birthday party or casino night, we have found that there is a murder mystery kit to hold your interest, and entice everyone to come along and play!

Our Murder Mystery Party Games

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Mini F.A.Q.

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    • How much do your games cost? Click the game images above to see prices.
    • Do we need a host? It is up to you. You purchase a game from us then run it yourself or hire a New Zealand based murder mystery host.
    • Are you available on...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the hosts to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a character? Sure do. You get a character badge and in most games each character gets a small backstory.
    • What do I get? Our murder games contain from 100 to 300 items to make your party amazing.
    • Can I ask questions? Yes please. Click "Contact Us" above.

Why murder mystery games are great!

Our murder mystery games attract people who love a good mystery. You’ll spend your evening socializing and deciphering clues with family and friends. It is super easy. Even with no acting experience, you and your friends can enjoy this fun filled murder mystery game! Your friends will love the sordid mysteries that these games involve. If you want a fun interactive event that is easy to organize and manage on the night then you have struck gold!

What we provide

We have been supplying murder mystery games, both downloadable and boxed for 30 years. You do not last that long unless you are the best. Our games have all been played hundreds of times and we test and get feedback so that you know you are getting the best game that works every time. Be it downloadable or boxed, our games come in the highest quality materials.

What are some of your popular themes for a Murder Mystery Dinner Hāwera?

Hollywood Scandal Murder Mystery Game and Eighties Extermination 1980s are by far our most popular murder mystery themes. People totally love to dress as the actor or character they have always hoped to become.

Where can we hold a Hāwera Murder Mystery dinner party?

Because murder mysteries involve playing games and your guests doing lots of fun and silly things, they need a quiet venue with lots of space. You can hold a murder mystery game/party at home or in a function venue that is private, quiet and spacious.

Do you have clean themes that can be played by children and teenagers?

We've got games that are suitable if throwing a party that will involve teens or children, like a school event or family gathering. These do not have content that includes mature themes, explicit language or references to adultery, sex, drugs or alcohol. Note that these mysteries may still include violence, and that clean mysteries still include murder unless otherwise noted.

Tip for a successful dinner party.

Invite a group of people who you are close to. Make sure they are individuals you are comfortable with, have fun with and who will get a kick out of the evening. Having a group of people to interact with adds a great deal of fun and excitement to the evening.

Are costumes necessary?

Costumes are not essential to play of the game but they are fun and certainly add excitement. You may encourage your guests to wear costumes and use our helpful suggestions if you choose to do so.

Can we decorate?

Yes of course. You can make your venue look amazing or just keep it simple.

What about food?

Keep it simple. Pizza, grazing plates or party pies are best. Finger food is the way to go.

How long have you been running murder mystery parties?

We have been supplying murder mystery games, both downloadable and boxed for 30 years. You do not last that long unless you are the best.

Taranaki joins extraordinary outside experience open doors with a functioning expressions and social scene. Past these, the area has astounding occasions - including various nursery celebrations and major games that keeps local people all around engaged. Our commitment to Hawera? Our astonishing homicide secret games! For what reason would it be a good idea for me to pick you to be our provider for the Murder Mystery Dinner party in Hāwera? We have an extraordinary scope of homicide secret packs to suit a wide range of gatherings. From an evening gathering where the visitors need to utilize their feeling of insightful derivation, to a birthday celebration or gambling club night, we have observed that there is a homicide secret pack to hold your advantage, and tempt everybody to go along and play!

What are you waiting for Taranaki? Get killing!

Unveiling the Intrigue: A Murder Mystery Party in Hāwera, Taranaki

In the tranquil embrace of Taranaki, the picturesque town of Hāwera emerges as a hidden gem, ready to unlock a world of suspense, entertainment, and community engagement through the enchanting experience of a Murder Mystery Party. Imagine the charming streets of Hāwera transformed into a stage for thrilling mysteries, where residents and visitors become both detectives and actors in an immersive journey through the town's rich history and contemporary allure.

Setting the Stage:

As the sun sets over Taranaki's rolling landscapes, Hāwera's Murder Mystery Party begins to unfold, offering a unique blend of entertainment, local flavor, and suspense. The setting is not just any town; it's Hāwera, where every corner whispers tales of the past and echoes the vibrant spirit of the present.

Capturing Hāwera's Essence:

What makes a Murder Mystery Party in Hāwera distinctive? It's the meticulous attention to capturing the essence of the town. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of Hāwera's landmarks, weaving together fictional tales with the town's unique history. Participants find themselves immersed in a storyline intricately connected to the streets they walk every day, creating a sense of familiarity and excitement.

Incorporating Local Fun Facts:

As detectives delve into solving the murder mystery, they also uncover fascinating fun facts about Hāwera. From the historic Hawera Water Tower to the iconic Tawhiti Museum, these local landmarks become integral elements of the plot. Participants not only engage in solving a captivating mystery but also gain a deeper appreciation for the town's cultural and historical significance.

Venues Alight with Suspense:

The choice of venues in Hāwera adds a layer of authenticity to the Murder Mystery Party. Whether hosted in a heritage building, a community center, or a local business, each venue becomes a stage where the town's charm meets the thrill of the unknown. The streets come alive with costumed participants, creating an atmosphere that transports everyone to a different era or a contemporary crime scene.

Tailored Themes for Diverse Tastes:

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to murder mysteries. Recognizing the diverse interests within Hāwera, our Murder Mystery Party themes are tailored to cater to a range of preferences. Whether residents prefer a classic whodunit set in the town's past or a contemporary thriller filled with twists and turns, there's a theme that suits every taste.

Engaging Community Spirit:

More than just an event, the Murder Mystery Party becomes a catalyst for community engagement. Hāwera residents come together to unravel the mystery, forging connections and strengthening the community spirit. The event serves as a platform for local businesses, fostering collaboration and support within the town.

Educational and Entertaining:

Hāwera's Murder Mystery Party is not just about solving a crime; it's an educational journey intertwined with entertainment. Participants discover the town's history, traditions, and unique stories while navigating the complexities of the mystery. It's an opportunity for learning and laughter, creating an unforgettable blend of education and entertainment.

Team Building in a New Light:

For businesses and organizations in Hāwera, the Murder Mystery Party offers a fresh perspective on team building. Colleagues collaborate, communicate, and strategize as they work together to solve the mystery. The event becomes a dynamic platform for fostering teamwork and camaraderie in a setting that goes beyond the conventional office environment.

Themed Decor and Costumed Revelry:

Imagine the streets of Hāwera adorned with themed decor, and residents and visitors alike dressed in costumes that bring the murder mystery to life. The visual spectacle enhances the immersive experience, turning Hāwera into a stage where every participant plays a crucial role in the unfolding drama.

Interactive Puzzles and Challenges:

The intrigue of the Murder Mystery Party is amplified by interactive puzzles and challenges. Participants become amateur sleuths, solving clues and piecing together the puzzle to unveil the culprit. The intellectual engagement adds an element of excitement and competition, ensuring that every moment is filled with suspense.

Tourism Amplified:

For visitors exploring Taranaki, Hāwera's Murder Mystery Party becomes a must-attend attraction. It not only offers a unique and entertaining experience but also introduces them to the rich tapestry of Hāwera's culture and history. The event becomes a gateway to discovering the town's charms, encouraging tourism and fostering a positive image of Hāwera.

Continuous Support and Easy Planning:

Organizing a Murder Mystery Party might sound like a complex endeavor, but our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures continuous support. From the moment of purchase to the execution of the event, our comprehensive guides and materials make the planning process easy for organizers in Hāwera.

Technology-Enhanced Experience:

Embracing the digital age, our Murder Mystery Party leverages technology to enhance the overall experience. Online invitations, interactive elements during the event, and a seamless digital interface ensure that participants in Hāwera can easily navigate and enjoy the technological aspects of the party.

Creating Lasting Memories:

In the aftermath of the Murder Mystery Party, what lingers are the memories created in the heart of Hāwera. The shared experience of unraveling a thrilling mystery becomes a talking point, a cherished memory, and a testament to the vibrancy of the town and its community.

Supporting Local Businesses:

Choosing a Murder Mystery Party from our website is more than an entertainment choice; it's a decision to support a local business. Our commitment to creating themes that resonate with the community ensures that the economic impact stays within Taranaki, contributing to the prosperity of Hāwera's local businesses.

Social Media Buzz:

The excitement generated by Hāwera's Murder Mystery Party naturally spills over to social media. Participants share their experiences online, creating a buzz that extends the reach of Hāwera's charm to a broader audience. The virtual word-of-mouth becomes a powerful tool in showcasing the town's allure.

In conclusion, Hāwera Taranaki is not just a town; it's a canvas waiting to be painted with the vibrant hues of a Murder Mystery Party. The event transcends the boundaries of traditional entertainment, offering a dynamic and immersive experience that brings the community together, celebrates Hāwera's rich history, and sets the stage for countless moments of suspense and laughter. Our Murder Mystery Party themes are the key to unlocking the intrigue, weaving together a tapestry of entertainment that is as unique and enchanting as the town of Hāwera itself. So, let the mysteries unfold, and may Hāwera revel in the suspense and joy of an unforgettable Murder Mystery Party.

Unearth secrets, solve mysteries, Taranaki awaits!

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