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Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 16 December 2023

Having a party but not sure if your guests will be entertained? Have a murder mystery party where you and your friends can be the greatest investigators in Auckland and find the murderer. Murder mystery games are a fun and exciting way to break the ice and help your guests mingle. We will deliver our murder mystery games postage free or you could just download the game and have it instantly.

Our Murder Mystery Party Games

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Teenager murder mystery games

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Mini F.A.Q.

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    • How much do your games cost? Click the game images above to see prices.
    • Do we need a host? It is up to you. You purchase a game from us then run it yourself or hire a New Zealand based murder mystery host.
    • Are you available on...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the hosts to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a character? Sure do. You get a character badge and in most games each character gets a small backstory.
    • What do I get? Our murder games contain from 100 to 300 items to make your party amazing.
    • Can I ask questions? Yes please. Click "Contact Us" above.

Why have a killer murder mystery party in Auckland?

Embrace the Maori warrior spirit and get out their and Hacka up some of your friends. Our murder mystery games are easy to run, lots of fun and will lead to a night of laughs. Auckland won't know what hit it.

Our games come with a full 100% money back guarantee!

What do I get in the game?

Our games are the best in the New Zealand. We have spent years refining our games to the point where they are the best on the market.

You will receive invitations, a presenter's handbook, props 1 and 2, clues, personalised name badges, 2 posters and more.

How long does it take for my order to arrive in Auckland?

Instant downloads are just that, instant. Boxed games will take around 5 days to arrive.

Where can I hold my murder mystery party?

The best place is your house. You can have the murder mystery game at home, your backyard or at work for free. Community centres have halls you can hire cheaply as well.

How long have you been providing murder mystery games in Auckland?

We started selling murder mystery games in New Zealand in 1990 and have been a murderous leader ever since.

How long should it be before the next mystery party?

Most clues are exciting enough to keep you involved in the mystery for nearly the entire night, so we recommend that mystery parties last at least four hours. Be sure to consider the social availability of your guests. If your guests were all college students, a dinner party would be a natural fit. If your guest list is more casual, dinner parties would be more of an option. Our rule of thumb is to allow 2 hours of the mystery game before a wide socialite break and 2 hours of table excitement before taking the mystery to the next level.

Should we theme up our venue?

Decorations help set the mood and they don't have to be elaborate or expensive.

Do you have murder mystery hosts in New Zealand?

Certainly and we are looking for more if you are keen. Just go to Murder Mystery Actors New Zealand to view our list.

The murder mystery kit has easy instructions so a friend can run it.

How can we Host a Successful dinner party in Auckland?

Invite a group of people who you are close to. Make sure they are individuals you are comfortable with, have fun with and who will get a kick out of the evening. Having a group of people to interact with adds a great deal of fun and excitement to the evening.

Hosting a gathering however not certain on the off chance that your visitors will be engaged? Have a homicide secret party where you and your companions can be the best specialists in Auckland and track down the killer. Murder secret games are a tomfoolery and energizing method for loosening things up and assist your visitors with blending. We will convey our homicide secret games postage free or you could simply download the game and have it in a split second.

What are you waiting for? Get killing!

Unveiling Auckland's Most Enchanting Murder Mystery Party Themes

Welcome to the Ultimate Adventure in Entertainment

Are you ready to turn your event into an extraordinary journey filled with laughter, suspense, and interactive fun? Look no further! At Auckland Mysteries, we specialize in creating unforgettable Murder Mystery Party experiences that will transport you and your guests into a world of intrigue and amusement.

The Essence of Our Murder Mystery Party Themes

Why Choose US For Your Auckland Mysteries?

Rave Reviews from Our Clients

"The guests at my event loved the names and the technology concept. Lots of fun." ---Gemma Cavoli--- Hosted a Facebook Fatality mystery party

"We loved the game, the characters were hilarious." ---Jade Pemberton--- Attended a Tokyo Terror Murder Mystery party

"We chose the Hollywood Scandal murder mystery theme. The games and clues really helped guests to get involved and have fun."---Claire and Mark Gray---

"We all had such a great time dressing as warriors and princesses. The Disney Disaster murder mystery game helped make it a ready fantastic night."---Karen Goodes---

The Auckland Mysteries Experience

Let's Create Unforgettable Memories Together

Ready to transform your event into a Murder Mystery extravaganza? Contact us today for a consultation. Let's work together to create an unforgettable experience that will have your guests raving for years to come. Elevate your event with our Murder Mystery Party themes and make memories that last a lifetime!

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